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New coloring book for June: Easy Mandalas

New: Easy Mandala Coloring Book for Kids and Beginners

Well, it’s June 1, the school year is just about over here in my neck of the woods, and I have been looking toward summer. My son will be home, but I have plans to complete a few projects that I have in the works—despite the inevitable distractions my son will bring. 😀

One of those is a new coloring book. I am starting a new series of coloring books that will be geared toward colorists of all skill levels, from kids to seniors. The first one is almost ready to go. I just need to finish laying out the cover, and do a few last minute checks of the interior. Here’s the work-in-progress cover design so far.

What do you think?

Once it’s live, I’ll post a freebie coloring page for you from the book. Look for it to be available mid-June. But I’ll let you guys know. 😀

My latest coloring book, which will be available this month.
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Celebrate Spring with a free coloring page

It’s April, and the daffodils, day lilies, and other early flowers are pushing their way up out of my garden. If only it was as warm as it looked out there! Despite the calendar, winter hasn’t quite given up and gone away yet. To cheer myself up, I made this coloring page yesterday, and I’d like to share it with you.

Earth Laughs in a Flower Coloring Page
Click on the image to grab this free coloring page as a printable .jpg or .pdf!

This coloring page features a lovely quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which reads, “Earth laughs in a flower.” I surrounded it by whimsical floral designs. If you’d like to color it, it’s available on my freebies page.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on a new mandala coloring book which will be available on Amazon this week. Stay tuned for the announcement!


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Guild Rules

Welcome to Bantha Poodoo Guild!

Welcome to the private Rules and Regulations page for our guild. Below, you will find contact information for our officers, rules for participation in guild events, and more. Please take a moment to read through the page. When you are finished, let us know that you have read and agree to everything by adding a comment below (signed with your in-game name so that we know who you are).




Child of the 70’s and a Luke Skywalker fan-girl forever. When not playing SWGOH, I make art and do other creative stuff.




Family man, daily committed player who’s inSlane in the membrane and inSlane loving this game!

#vaderrules #goEagles #goFlyers #goPhillies


Colt 45


I am a former classical archaeologist, social studies teacher, network engineer, juvenile detention councilor, stay at home dad, community relations manager, and underpaid wage slave.

My hobbies include music, music production, art, short film making, RPG freelance contributor, writing, video games, reading, and working to get corporate and dark money out of politics.


Member Expectations

We are not a hardcore guild. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of gaming. Being sick, working a million hours, family obligations—all these are more important than a mobile game. However, we do expect our members to be committed, daily players, who participate in all guild activities, which include the following:

  1. Playing every single day.
  2. Participating in all Territory Battles.
  3. Signing up for every Territory War as soon as your player level permits (currently, this event opens to players who are level 65 and above).
  4. Being a team player.
  5. Following the raid rules, which are laid out below.

Members who do not abide by these rules will be subject to warnings and/or be booted from the guild. (See the Member Violations section  below for more information.)

If for some reason, you are temporarily unable to meet your daily obligations (due to a family emergency, or pulling a 24 hour shift, for example), please notify us in the game chat or contact one of the officers via email.


Note: As our guild grows, our raid requirements change. Any official updates or tweaks to the rules will be added here.


The tank raid is open to all players who with 7 star characters.

  1. Players are required to post a score of 0 points until 12 p.m. EST the day after the raid is launched.
  2. After that all players may score—with a limit of 600K per player—to ensure that everyone has gotten on the board and is eligible for rewards.


At this time, there are no limitations on players for the AAT Raid.


Currently we are not running the HAAT regularly, but we are striving to making this our default tank raid.

Member Violations and Consequences

Below you will find a list of the member violations and subsequent consequences. Please familiarize yourself with this list.

  • Daily playing requirement not met.

We expect all players to contribute daily, with the understanding that life happens first. Any player inactive for 30 days will be removed from the guild. If you can’t be active for a week or more, let an officer know.

Additionally, members who consistently fail to play five days or more a week, or who consistently fail to contribute, will be given warnings, and then be removed.

  • Failure to participate in the Territory Battles.

Players who are not active in two Territory Battles in a row will be removed from the guild.

Additionally, excessive non-participation will result in warnings, and then removal.

  • Failure to sign up for the Territory War.

Players who miss signing up for two Territory Wars in a row will be automatically removed from the guild.

Additionally, excessive non-participation will result in warnings, and then removal.

  • Ignoring Raid rules.

Players who habitually fail to follow or ignore the raid rules will result in warnings, and then removal.

  • Inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate behavior, bullying, or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and will result in warnings or removal from the guild.


Please add your name to the form below to let the officers know that you have seen and agree to the rules.

Guild Signatures


Below you will find a list of guides, websites, and other resources that we have gathered to help you enjoy the game. If you would like us to add anything to this list, let us know, and we will be happy to do so.

Official SWGOH Links

SWGOH Forums

Raid Guides/Advice

HAAT guide by thealliancegaming

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New Free Christmas Coloring Page Added

Just a quick update to let you know that I’ve added a new coloring page freebie you to download and color. In honor of Christmas, which is just around the corner (and which I am totally not prepared for!), I added my Christmas Cats Coloring Page to the freebies.

Here is a preview of the page. If you click on it, it will take you over to the download page. It’s available as a .jpg or a .pdf for you to print out and color.

Christmas Cats free adult coloring page to download and color



This free coloring page is just one of the images included in my coloring book “Illustrated Christmas: 25 Holiday Designs to Color.”

Volume one in the Color the Holidays series, “Illustrated Christmas: 25 Holiday Designs to Color” is a collection of Christmas coloring pages digitally drawn by illustrator Karyn Lewis. Inside this coloring book you will find traditional and modern images of the Christmas season including Santa, angels, nutcrackers, snowmen and more. Created with the whole family in mind, this adult coloring book is appropriate for all skill levels.

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Flying Witch & Cat Halloween Coloring Book Page Redesign

Over the years I have done so many illustrations. As I develop new coloring books, I have been enjoying revisiting my old work and redoing them so that the illustrations—many of which are digital paintings—are converted into line art appropriate for coloring.

Some of the images I don’t just turn into line art, but I redraw, re-imagine, or redo. Often I add in more detail than what was in the original, so that they are more intricate to color. Sometimes I am not happy with the level or quality of the art.

I just finished doing such a redo with the following piece.

Whimsical Flying Witch Illustration originally done in 2007.

I have always enjoyed this piece. I especially love the colors. At the time I was experimenting wit a whimsical illustration style with highly stylized characters with odd proportions. It is still for sale on greeting cards in various locations of the internet.

But it never really sold all that well, and I believe it’s because it’s perhaps too quirky. Also, the witch is a bit of a conceptual mess… Her posture and outfit suggests pinup, but she is decidedly matronly.

This piece is perfect for a drawing redo!

And here is the result:

Flying Witch and Cat Halloween Coloring Book Page redo: 2017

To appeal to more people, I embraced the pinup suggestion of the original and turned the witch from a matron to a lovely young woman. I unified the style, and went with a classic semi-realistic cartoon, and added in more details in the hat and hair and legs to color. I also changed the kitty cat to match the style of the new drawing, but kept the touches that I liked, such as the basket of spilling candy corn and the magic sparkles from the wand.

Eventually this page will make it into a Halloween coloring book that I am working on this October. It won’t be available in time for Halloween, but it will be ready for next year.

I enjoyed highlighting the differences between the original images and the redrawn coloring page versions. Stay tuned for more posts like this in the future.