Welcome to the home of THE INDIE ZINE, The Magazine for Independent Comic Creators.

What is Indie Zine?

Indie Zine is a free, online magazine for comic book creators who own their own titles. The goal of the Indie Zine is to strengthen the creator owned comic community and ultimately, connect indie comics with fans.

Sounds great! But what exactly will be inside this magazine?

Inside every issue I hope to include the following:

  • a creator spotlight
  • art tips & tricks
  • the art of social media and/or selling online
  • comic reviews
  • a pinup/art gallery
  • and a happenings calendar, which will be a place for comic creators to list current kickstarters or other events like title launches

Sounds even better! So when will this magazine be available?

I am hoping to have the first issue out in the world on January 1, 2017.

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Love the concept and want to submit something to Indie Zine or sign up for the subscriber list? Wonderful! Please read through the following FAQs:

Will there be a charge for subscriptions? How much will the Zine cost?

There will not be any fees to read Indie Zine. The comic will be available to download as a free PDF file, and archives will remain online. As of this time, the magazine will also not be hosting any ads. Because…free.

If I submit art, will I get paid?

Sadly no. Because the magazine is totally free, there is no money to pay out to contributors. However, all contributors will have bios and live links to the web pages/stores/comics of their choice. Think of it as another social sharing site. But for cool comic creators and fans.

I want to submit something for the gallery pages. What should I submit?

There is only one rule to submitting to the gallery: NO FAN ART.

The mission of this magazine is to promote original, creator owned content, so feel free to submit any comic book related pages or pinups that you would like to share. Please only submit artwork that you own the rights to. The goal is to show off your own intellectual properties and to discover new comic creators. Previously published work is fine. Please refer to the submissions section below for instructions.

Why are you doing this, if it’s all free?

For the love of creator owned comics, of course! And because I have a background in publishing. In one of my previous incarnations, I was an arts and entertainment writer for a metro newspaper in Phoenix, AZ.

If I want my comic reviewed, what should I do?

Please refer to the submissions section below for instructions.


Right now this magazine is a one-woman operation.

Therefore, there’s only one person to reach out to, and that’s me, Karyn Lewis. If you would like to submit art for the gallery, or a comic to be reviewed, or anything else magazine related, please address all inquiries to Karyn via the contact form below. Or you can email me at: kbonfig@gmail.com.

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